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Violation of Bahai Teachings by the UHJ

Dear Bahai Readers, We have been always told that the Bahai Faith is a universal religion for the present age and that a manifestation of God comes after every 1000 years to revive the word of God and keep the spirit of faith fresh by aligning laws tuned with the times. However, it seems that UHJ has taken over to change the commandment and issue ordinances to keep in tune with changing times within 100 years itself (without any manifestation appearing)!! UHJ in its pursuit of popular support has thus put ethics and morality on the back-burner. As a humble devoted Bahai, I find a number of instances of lack of proper governance and conduct on part of UHJ. Hence with the sole purpose of rectification of the Faith highest body, I have embarked to bring to the attention of the community such instances through a series of articles. The first of the series of articles is titled  ’All is fair in love…’ Background: It is reported that youngsters deciding their own life partners is becoming co

Persian Baha'is vs the Rest

The Baha'i Faith the youngest of all the Faiths and supposedly the most united is now suffering from an existential crisis. Already divided into many factions and sects, the Faith is now faced with the existential threat of a power struggle between the Persian Baha'is and the rest. This crisis may lead to the already decimated Faith into a vertical split shaking the roots of the faith. There is no denying the fact that the Baha'i Faith is born in Persia and Persians have had a great sacrifice in spreading the Faith across the globe. We will have to go back into the history to recollect that the Persian Baha'is pioneered to places far and wide and have devotedly served the faith. The progress of the faith in the golden era from 1970 to 2010 was mainly due to the efforts of Eidelkhanis, Nakhjawanis, Razavis, Afshins, Rouhanis, Mohajers, Azadis and so on. All familiar names to the Baha'i community, known for their selfless services. While these individuals offered thei